Walnuts – The Oldest Nut



Walnut is an ancient tree that is thought to have grown when there was only one super-continent on earth, Pangea. After that continent broke up and drifted apart to make the World and continents that we know today (a process still in motion), the Walnut trees became scattered across various continents. Now Walnut trees grow across the north temperate Old World stretching from southeast Europe and east to India, China and Japan. It grows widely in the New World from southeast Canada west to California and south to Argentina making Walnuts the most widespread nut species and indigenous to more than one continent.

The 21 species of Walnut trees are classified under the genus Juglans. Walnut wood ranges from soft to hard wood and is used in furniture making, flooring and even coffins. The shape of the fruits varies as well, from heart shape to oval shape.
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Walnuts have a ancient connection with humanity and have been utilized by mankind throughout the World for millenia. They are known to have many health benefits and can be effectively used in many treatments both traditional and modern. The Romans thought them the favorite of of the God Jupiter and they were prized throughout the empire.

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