nuts, seeds, and cacao - ingredients processed by Premier Organics

Premier Organics is a convenient and secure option for nut/seed importers, growers, and manufacturers. We provide organic-approved pasteurization, warehousing, 3PL, and private labeling services. Our facilities are third-party audited, certified Organic, CLEAN/RAW, Kosher, and Non-GMO Verified, and are located three miles from the Port of Oakland. We specialize in natural foods, nuts, seeds, and chocolate/cacao.

Pasteurization services: low-temperature, organic-approved

Premier Organics’ pasteurization services are a safe, effective, organic-approved alternative to fumigant-based PPO and dry heat sterilization methods. Our low-temperature pasteurization services are built on the Swiss-designed and Swiss-made Napasol technology, which utilizes vacuum and water-vapor to create a 5-log kill step. This method is widely-known for retaining the flavor and texture of the raw product and is ideal for importers and growers who want minimally-processed great tasting products. We process both organic and non-organic walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, sesame, sunflower, and other nuts and seeds.

Third party logistics, warehousing and shipping services

We provide warehousing services that include extensive inventory tracking and shipping controls. These 3PL services help our clients take control of deductions and chargebacks by eliminating errors and oversights associated with shipping and fulfillment.

Contract manufacturing and private labeling

We provide repackaging and processing services for organic and conventional products, with a specialization in nuts, coconuts, seeds and chocolate/cacao. Our private labeling services cover Organic, Natural, Vegan, and Gluten Free products. We specialize in Nuts, Seeds and Coconut Pastes & Butters. We also provide bulk ingredients to food service and manufacturers to serve as ingredients, binders, flavor enhancers, nutritional boosters, texture modifiers, energy/food bars, dairy- & soy-free ice cream, and confection bars. Ingredients can be made organic or natural, raw or roasted, in pails, drums, sealed jars, and packaged boxed pouches.

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