Premier Organics is at the forefront of creative food development & research. Our brands have received numerous awards to date and continue to grow and expand as we add and offer newer products under each of our banners. We believe in making healthier, organic and vegan food options more available to the wider community thereby encouraging better eating habits for all. Our products are innovative and easily adaptable to modern typical eating habits. Try some of our creations and tell us what you think…


Untitled-3234a Artisana Organics – Creating raw and organic food is an art. We source local nuts and seeds where available and we have a strict quality control program to insure the purity of our food from the farm to your table. Making our raw organic nut butters is not easy… and it is a process that we do not hurry along. It takes a considerable amount of energy and time to hand-make and keep all of Artisana Organics Nut Butters pure and raw for you to enjoy… and we enjoy every moment of this process!

  Untitled-3234 Ek Chok Swiss Chocolate is Premier Organic’s latest creation. 100% Organic, Swiss made Venezuelan Criollo Cacao Bars. If you like chocolate your going to love Ek Chok. With absolutely the finest ingredients, no questionable chemical additives, no sugar and no artificial preservatives our Chocolate bars are made in Switzerland by the World’s finest Chocolatiers. The Worlds finest Cacao. Divine and unadulterated, its completely guilt free pleasure or even therapy depending on your perspective.


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