We believe in sustainable living; minimizing our collective impact on the Earth; and through our community, supporting the organic and living foods movements, farmers, producers, the Earth and her resources.

We support small, Organic, family farms. The farmers from which we buy grow their produce in harmony with the land. They pledge to treat and to compensate their workers fairly and use sustainable practices that do not damage the environment.

Our goal is to make available to everyone the healthiest, freshest, best-tasting, Organic, all-natural food choices while giving something back to the communities we serve. We are committed to educating consumers and encouraging lifestyle changes that help us all as a Global Family.

Our Commitment

Raw and organic food is alive with all of nature’s enzymes, proteins, vitamins and minerals uncooked and undamaged. Creating raw and organic food combinations is an art. We source local nuts and seeds where available and we have a strict quality control program to ensure the purity of our food from the farm to your table. Making our raw organic nut butters is not easy… and it is a process that we do not hurry along. Premier Organics products are hand crafted with the utmost care and attention to ensure purity, quality and freshness and taste.


Although we are a small organic food company, we are trying to make a big difference. Our goals and ideas and ambitions are much bigger than just organic food. Developing a market for organic, sustainable, GMO free foods is just one facet of who we are. We are devoted to sustainable living and we support local grassroots and organic,  living foods movements. We try to buy our foods as close to the farmer as possible. In many cases we are able to buy straight from the organic farmers. It’s a choice. It’s how we operate. It’s how we choose to make a difference by carefully choosing where we buy and thereby encouraging ethical sustainable practices and businesses.

Premier Organics has grown a lot since its humble beginnings in 2002 from just one brand, and today occupies a 44,000 + sq ft facility in Oakland, California, employs over 40 people and manufactures 3 innovative award winning brands. Premier Organics has been in the ‘Top 50 Fastest Growing Inner City Companies’ in the US for the past 5 years and frequently in the top 10.

All of our products are GMO free, certified Organic (QAI), Gluten Free, Vegan and certified Kosher (KSA).

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